Given your readings and discussions in this module, reflect on any ongoing or recent debates between Democrats and Republicans in Washington – or in yourstate legislature – concerning any aspect of health care. Consider the following questions in formulating your response to the readings, discussion forums and module notes as well as current events in the healthcare field for this week:
How do my personal/professional experiences relate to the course readings?
What issues in the module impacted me the most given my professional and/or personal experiences?
To what degree have the discussions in the class been helpful in relating to the issues raised by the readings? Are there any issues that arise that have not been addressed in the readings?
What other information, if any, would I need to completely address the policy issue or course related topics at hand?
Your reflection papers should address different topics/ materials covered and be no more than 3-4 pages using APA format. (NOTE: these questions are merely offered as suggestions, and you may certainly create a reflection paper in a way that best suits your reaction to the materials we have covered during the week).

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