Critical analysis of Lunsford.


The paper on the critical analysis of Lunsford article provided me an opportunity to understand the revision process a paper undergoes. The different feedbacks I received from my classmates enabled me to form an informed opinion on my essay. Additionally, the professor comments also formed an integral part of improving my paper to perfection. The conferences I attended where I was supposed to prepare a presentation on my work provided me a chance for my fellow students to identify mistakes in my paper which I could change to perfect it. The professor gave me several chances to revise the paper and also provided a separate paper where I would record the changes which I felt I needed to incorporate in the analysis. I believe the revision process is necessary for class assignment works and I will explain the process by using an example of Lunsford article that I wrote in the previous essay assignments.

The first draft I wrote on Lunsford received a lot of criticism from the professor. The professor wrote tones of comment on it terming the paper as a mere summary and not a critical analysis. The comment made me go and read the assignment instruction severally to comprehend on what the lecturer put across. Somehow, I started to internalize what it means to write a criticism on an article. I had to make some trips to the instructor office to get a clarification on matters such as the kind of thesis I am supposed to write. I wanted an example so I could use to revise my thesis. Before I could begin revising the paper, I had to consult some of my work friends to get a consolation of whether we were sailing in the same boat regarding the matter of having to rewrite the whole paper instead of sections. The various choices in my mind resulted in confusions. I was now feeling the heat of revising a five-page paper of which I was required to write again from scratch as the draft did not fit the requirements of paper instructions. The first choice I made was to have an outline of the second draft which I showed the professor before proceeding with the revisions. The reason I created an outline is to guide me in writing an essay that followed all the instructions. The reason I gave to the professor to check is to assure me that I was in the right direction and I did not want to mess it up the second time. I also consulted some of my friends who gave me some highlights and tips which I could use to better the revision. The reason is peer reviews are important in revision, and they could help shape a paper to become perfect. The decisions which I found hard to make is that I had to remove the thesis which I had; thus this negated the paper to make it irrelevant. The revised paper was more persuasive and critical because I focused on criticizing the points advanced by Lunsford, then I would prove them to be right or wrong by using class readings and outside sources. critical analysis of Lunsford

Quoting from the first draft my first topic sentence read as follows, “Lunsford found out that 38 percent of the students were writing more currently as opposed to previous situations.” This statement was weak in the sense that it explained Lunsford assertions instead of a topic sentence that would provide critical analysis of those works. The second and revised paper the topic sentence was changed to, “I do believe that technology has played a significant role in students researching skills, but on the part of writing I beg to differ because some information in social media is in the informal form; thus a misleading guide to students. I learnt that as a writer, the topic sentences in each paragraph should support the main idea in the thesis statement. Also, one idea should be discussed under the topic sentence to avoid mixing of ideas that could result in confusion and ambiguity in the essay. critical analysis of Lunsford

From Sommers (1993), I got to understand that writing is a process that starts from a level of certainty or uncertainty. The reason is that you might start writing from a planned form and in the end, produce a written material that is not comprehensible. My revision process corroborated with the views of Sommers because as a writer, we both agree that experience of writing matters a lot in putting down the right information that follows all the rules of writing like grammar and choices of words. Other factors such as family do not inspire my writing experience as a student while Sommers is influenced by some of the family activities such as sitting in a kitchen and letting the mind wander in thoughts. critical analysis of Lunsford


At the beginning of the semester, I had set goals of having improved on my writing and analyzing skills in terms of my grammar. Yes, the writing skills have improved thanks to the professor’s guidance and tolerance. The professor gave me several chances to revise and improve on my papers. The skills in this course are just amazing because they have taught me various aspects of writing which I could use in the future to teach my fellow people in my native home country. Some of the sentences from the Lunsford work that improved my writing abilities is ‘I do not agree with Lunsford proposed ideas of writing, but I do appreciate they form an integral part in transforming my skills of writing.’

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