Coca-Cola Brand Analysis


Coca-Cola Brand Analysis


Branding gives identity to a product or service in the market. Most customers identify themselves with a certain brand. An example is, celebrities like to be identified wearing Gucci brand clothes and shoes. The branding of an item is like giving it a certain culture which can be used to refer to a specific community. The branding of a commodity is culturally accepted if it does not violate the social norms of that community. An item that is branded creates an element of customer loyalty. To understand branding process, the Coca-Cola brand will be used in the discussion to answer the question of why branding is important and whether it is socially, economically and culturally beneficial to the people. Yes, it is true branding plays a significant role in attracting customers to buy and identify themselves with the product. True to say, the branding concept is beneficial to both customers and businesses.

The contemporary world is one that is influenced by emerging trends and related factors. This is such that, majority of the population is interested in the matters and factors that are trending. Therefore, companies have significantly invested in their marketing strategies and in turn, set up brands that continue to champion in their industries. While there are established brands that enjoy global recognition, there are others that continue to be generated and marketed to gain recognition. The established brands have been able to grow and gain global standing subject to the events and activities that the brands continue to promote and to sponsor.

The brands in their marketing strategies thus use different approaches to get the consumers to consider using their products as opposed to their rivals. The approaches used hence are often relatable with the target audience and therefore, the marketing is often effective and leaves a significant impact on the target audience. On this perspective, this paper is set to establish the purpose of branding and the benefits of the concept from a social, cultural and economic perspective. Essentially, this is because many may consider the concept of branding to be only associated with the aim of companies to make profits. While this is true, branding as a concept serves to also go beyond the corporate perspective and seeks to involve the population to which that brand serves on different levels through sponsorships and even offer scholarships to the population. In this regard, the brand that will be analyzed to prove that branding as a concept is beneficial in the various projected aspects is the Coca-Cola brand. This will be done through looking into the various activities and events that the Coca-Cola brand has been involved in and the benefits that have since accrued from the organization’s brand. Coca-Cola Brand Analysis

Coca-Cola is a global beverage brand that has grown over the years to be recognized as the leading beverage. The popularity of the brand has been vested on the fact that Coca-Cola as a soft drink has become highly preferred among the global population. The affordability and accessibility of the beverage globally thus has rendered the beverage to be considered highly. Further, the branding and marketing strategies that are employed regarding the promotion of the Coca-Cola soft drink have proven to be of top quality and relatable to the target audience and population in general. The branding concept and marketing strategies thus use different approaches. Coca-Cola Brand Analysis

The social media pages of Coca-Cola such as their Facebook account is one that is highly followed by the population with the aim of gaining more knowledge of upcoming events and any new sponsorships that the brand is involved. Secondly, Coca-Cola makes use of the variety of platforms that are availed from the internet to reach out to more people. Ideally, the use of YouTube is very common among the youth. In this regard, Coca-Cola uses the platform to advance its brand through the various advertisements that are shown in between the YouTube clips. Finally, the World Cup is a global football event that attracts the attention of the world’s population. The coming together of the world to spectate the World Cup thus provides a significant platform to advance the brand that is Coca-Cola. Over the years, Coca-Cola has come up with several advertisements that have been used to unify the people of different cultures even as they come together to spectate the World Cup. Coca-Cola thus uses the opportunity to advance global unity through propagating that despite the diversity, Coca-Cola as a brand is one that brings people together on equal ground.

Based on this analysis, it is evident that branding is an important concept in the marketing of an organization’s product. Branding therefore is used to advance a product and to make it stand out in the market and the preferred product to the target audience. Branding thus is a beneficial concept as it not only serves the companies but also ensures that the target audience has the opportunity to have access to the benefits of the products and the sponsorships offered by the organization. Further, the cultural benefits have been evident with Coca-Cola as a brand as the global cultures continue to be advanced thus making people aware of the diversity and appreciate the same through the branding concept. Overall, the branding concept is highly beneficial to all parties involved. Coca-Cola Brand Analysis

Coca-Cola as a brand has served to prove that the branding concept is beneficial in different aspects such as economically to the organization and socially and culturally to the target audience. The use of the various platforms by Coca-Cola to reach out to the target audience has further advanced the brand but made a significant impact on ensuring that it is the preferred soft beverage globally. The analysis of Coca-Cola thus has shown that the purpose of branding is to advance the popularity of the product and it is a beneficial concept from a social, cultural and economic perspective


In conclusion, branding sole purpose is creating an image in the mind of the buyers or customers for the existence of a certain product in the market. The brand used above is Coca-Cola and whenever a person registers in the mind of being thirsty, the first image that comes into the mind is to take a coke soda. Firmly, it is a reality that branding has some benefits to both the company and its customers.

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